The designer

Hello, my name is Amanda. I am a UX & Design Masters graduate from Billy Blue College of Design. From my younger years of coding Myspace layouts and designing Bebo skins, to retail management and customer service, I have naturally transitioned in the world of UX. So far, I have worked in fast pace startup environments directly with the CEO and broader, more built out teams in digital transformation banking. 

Currently, I work as a UX Lead at Insight Timer, a very fast pace start-up environment where I am responsible for owning and conducting the research process from start to finish. It is my job to consistently advocate for user needs when making design decisions. I own and monitor all feedback channels, conduct research and design recommendations for view by senior management.

Within previous roles, I have worked as an end-to-end Product Designer, where I have been exposed and owned both the UX and UI side of the process. My experience so far has enabled me to build a wide range of experience from research, ideation, low-high fidelity prototyping, analysis, presentation and service design skills.

I am always open to new opportunities, or for a chat about my work. Use the email address below to get in contact.

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