Insight Timer

Insight Timer – Member Referrals

UX & RESEARCH – 2022

Role: UX Designer
Department: Product


As the sole and senior UX designer for Insight Timer, the member referrals project was a key opportunity to inject and advocate for UX within a new and exciting growth-related initiative. 

Research question

How can we design a Member referral scheme which seamlessly allows users to discover, invite and activate their Memberplus reward?

Business goal

Increase daily installations through share links.

Getting started 

As a first step, understanding what makes a successful member referral scheme. To establish this, in-depth research was conducted to obtain what other businesses have built and released. An analysis of key players in the market was completed to understand how other companies allow their current users to refer friends and family and unlock/receive a reward. 

Market research

key findings
  • Most used Referral type – Share links
  • The referral scheme lives in the profile section
  • Create a landing page with offers, content about how it works and instructions
  • Share links include a pre-written message for the invited user to have context (share link copy, share sheet or via email)
  • The invited user has their own landing page which explains the benefits of joining and what they will receive after the invited user accepts, user 1 receives an email informing them and with the next steps.

Its super important to create a findable entry point and a quick, simple and easy flow for a user to go from discovering the Memberplus referral scheme, initiating and successfully sharing to users. Additional assistance throughout the journey have been considered through allowing users to track their friends that have joined and understand their progress using communication channels, as well as an in app tracking tool. 

Ideation and low-fi prototyping



The competitor research and proposed flow were then presented back to the Product Manager, alongside technical expertise to advise on technical capability and understand the effort/time to complete the build of the flow. Once the flow had been finalised and agreed upon for testing, the wireframes were handed over to the Product Design to finalise the UI for prototype testing.

Final prototyping for user testing


User research

The research was split into two journeys: The invitee and the invited. A mixed methodology approach was utilised with different user cohorts. A survey that included an invited flow prototype was sent to 30 external participants through Maze. Further, 4 in-depth interviews were held with current non-MemberPlus (free) users. Pain points and opportunities within the proposed flow identified issues with users understanding of MemberPlus, copy issues and confusion with instructions to activate the MemberPlus reward.

A full analysis of survey and interview responses are available upon request.

Finalised flow

The final customer journey flow from invitee to invited was mapped out with the proposed UX changes and UI refinements based on research outcomes and stakeholder feedback. The flow includes notes that were handed to the UX copywriter to refine based on pain points the users came across within the research rounds. Once the final copy changes were made, the referral scheme was built and released to all users.

Version 2: Including the referral scheme in the paywall