UI Designs


I am passionate about designing usable and visually appealing interfaces. I often design new and redesign existing UI concepts. I do this to practice, develop my skill-set and constantly learn new updates on a variety of UI software. Here’s a glimpse of some examples.

Hooked is a concept for a new dating app to enter the online dating scene. These mock-up designs aim to give a vision of a design direction that is savvy, sophisticated but also fun. I decided to mock-up the main user screens and paths that active members would utilise. I wanted to keep the design simplistic but also colourful and use imagery as much as possible. These high fidelity interfaces were designed using Adobe UX and utilising Adobe UI kits. This is a self-directed project where I learned new skills through tutorials.


Actipals connects personal trainers holding individual and group meet ups for users to connect and smashed their fitness goals together. The project includes two concepts which could be presented to a client to represent a more outgoing and colourful brand identity vs a more sophisticated feel and look. 

Concept 1

Using bright colours for an outgoing and active appeal.

Concept 2

Creating a simplistic and modern brand identity through the use of purple.

More coming soon!